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Bruce H. Raszmann Award

s-l225The Bruce H. Raszmann Award, a special award the ONA bestows for exemplary executive service, was introduced by the O.N.A. in 2012. This award would be presented exclusively to members of the O.N.A. executive or executive committees who have performed above and beyond their regular duties. The recipient would be selected solely by the Awards Committee Chairman and President, with consultation from the full Awards Committee membership as required. Normally there is no more than one award per year – announced at the Banquet of the annual ONA Convention. However, this provision was suspended in the inaugural year.

This award was created in memory of the first Treasurer of the Ontario Numismatic Association who continued in that office until his death, a period of almost fifty years.

Bruce Raszmann (February 24th, 1934 – September 6th, 2011) through this continuous service demonstrated exceptional devotion to the Association. This award is presented to those individuals that have held posts on the executive or committees of the Association who reflect his noble standards.

s-l300We thank these people for performing, with outstanding dedication, those tasks and services that enhance the successful operation of the Ontario Numismatic Association.

Recipients of the Bruce H. Raszmann Award are:

2012 – William English
2012 – Donald Robb
2013 – Fred Freeman
2014 – Len Trakalo
2015 – Todd Hume