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bottomcoinsWelcome to the Ontario Numismatist Archive

We are very proud of The Ontario Numismatist, the official, bi-monthly (six issues per year), publication of the Ontario Numismatic Association ISSN 0048-1815.

130509-2014-20-Fine-Silver-Coin-Nanaboozhoo-and-the-Thunderbird-Front-300x300A volume encompesses the 6 issues annually; with page numbers increasing throught the issues for that volume. Each volume consists of approximately 180 pages.

Our Editor, Richard Johnson, welcomes your articles, announcements, and advertisements.

You may contact Richard at editor@ontario-numismatic.org, fax to (519) 273-6764, or phone (519) 272-0051. We would appreciate all articles are submitted as a MS Word text file and separate full-color images (300 d.p.i. or higher) as .jpg or .tiff files. Although we do accept the articles with the images already placed, we would ask that the image files be sent separately in case we encounter layout issues.

The O.N.A. also wishes to thank Paul Petch and Numismatic Network Canada (nunet.ca) for supplying the internet resources used in storing our archive files.